Golden Spike

Golden Spike is a design driven real estate developer focused on creating unique projects that improve entire neighborhoods and offer attractive returns. They only develop walk-able fill-in sites that are supported by strong fundamentals such as public transportation and nearby shopping. Golden Spike is a company committed to sustainable design and consider LEED certification in everything they do. Their rare combination of design and construction expertise and unyielding desire to constantly push the envelope results in trend setting, groundbreaking and award winning buildings every time they put a shovel in the ground.

Bespoke House

Bespoke blurs the lines between entertainment and marketing. They craft brand experiences for the world's most demanding travelers and consumers. Bespoke campaigns are mobile, social and interactive-and off the grid. Their focus is boutique hotels and inns, resorts and residential communities. They make places intriguing, lifestyles sexy and events life-changing.

Green Insight

Green Insight is a New Mexico based LEED for Homes Provider & RESNET Provider with offices in Albuquerque New Mexico, Florida and Arkansas. Green Insight provides consulting, program and project management, testing and verification services for residential and commercial projects seeking to attain the highest levels of building performance utilizing consensus based building science standards. Green Insight further provides quality assurance and compliance verification services for projects and programs which seek to attain building standards incentivized or mandated by government program requirements

Environmental Dynamics

Environmental Dynamics, Inc. is an architecture and sustainability consulting firm dedicated to transforming how people think about the places where they live, work, play and learn. At edi we incorporate a sustainable design approach into all our projects with the end goal of designing structures that give back more than they consume. Through education and practice our work contributes to the conscious shift towards a healthier planet.

In Memorium